Nick Yeomans - Former Independent candidate Brighton Pavilion

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As the former Independent Candidate for Brighton Pavilion in 2015 & 2017, I believe that the time has come for democrats and patriots from all parties and none, from all walks of life, those who voted Leave and Remain, to unite the whole country behind a vision for the UK of opportunity, enterprise, and security. A vision for a post Brexit vision for the UK, for a dynamic enterprise economy, to equip our people with skills to compete, to reform our health and social care system, and to end the housing shortage. It is essential that the whole nation benefits from economic growth and prosperity.

Theresa May's deal keeps the UK in the EU indefinitely; it means the annexation of Northern Ireland; and £39 billion to the EU. The time has come for a No Deal Brexit - cut taxes to transform the UK into an entrepreneurial powerhouse, and trade freely with the rest of the world.

The UK must stand up to tyranny at home and overseas. We must not retreat from Fortress Europe to the barricades of Fortress Britain. The UK must play a global role, strengthening our defence, extending NATO, helping developing nations through trade and aid, counter Russian aggression in Europe and Syria, and provide humanitarian aid and no fly zones in Syria. I utterly reject the use of torture.

We must maintain the Union of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Millions of people in the UK feel unrepresented by the parties. They want  the UK to play a global role in trade, security and environmental protection; for controlled immigration, enabling the UK to recruit the doctors and nurses we need, and to provide a sanctuary for refugees; for a dynamic free trading economy, with first class infrastructure and social housing; and integrated social care and health. For a society in which the individual is master of their destiny, untrammelled by the “big battalions” and vested interests. For a meritocratic society, in which, as Churchill said, “there is a limit beneath which no man may fall, but no limit to which any man might rise.”

A cross party consensus is emerging to thwart Brexit. It is high time that democrats of all parties and of none united to defend the democratic verdict of the people. We must put country before party, and support candidates with similar values.


Employees + self employed earning less than £10,000 will pay no NI.

Retain Universal Credit work allowance.

A Living Wage for care workers.

£6 billion extra per year for A&E, life saving drugs, mental health and social care, to prevent hospital admission.

Protect disability and carer benefits

Protect education budget; fairer allocation of school places; an extra 195,000 school places

Reduce tuition fees for medicine & science by raising fees for humanities.


Reverse the defence cuts to defeat IS, to deter Russian aggression in Syria.

Deport terror suspects, stop extremists entering the UK, control orders, internment. More armed police officers.

Humanitarian aid and no fly zones in Syria.

Recruit more troops, Two aircraft carriers (with aircraft)

More patrol boats and aircraft.

Build our own combat aircraft and equipment to create skilled jobs.  Renew Trident

I utterly reject the use of torture


Reduce deficit by privatising banks, abolish child benefit from 2019 -  exempt existing claimants - contract out government HR + IT

Vocational education from age 14. Tax cuts for firms who recruit UK  apprentices. Scrap apprenticehsip levy.

Brexit to ensure free trade with growing economies, export markets,  cheaper food, and growth for developing nations. A QE investment programme of social housing, transport, energy, tackling air pollution.

Cut VAT on building repairs to 5%, to repair empty buildings, increase housing supply, business premises, to preserve Green Belt. 

These commitments will be funded by scrapping EU budget contribution, Barnett formula, halving overseas aid budget, and targetting welfare.

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